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Educate.  Encourage.  Empower.

KENCO Technical Assistance & Training Solutions Inc. (KENCO TATS) is a nonprofit organization located in Northern Virginia.  Our mission is to provide educational opportunities, encourage and empower the next generation of leaders in global supply chain management, with a focus on women, minorities and veterans.

Commitment to identify, inform, energize and promote diversity in the next generation of leadership in global supply chain management.

Collaborate and provide mentor / mentoring opportunities with / and for women, minorities and veterans in global supply chain management.

Develop and maintain innovative training and capacity building for low- and middle-income country government officials and supported organizations.

Provide financial assistance through fundraising and scholarships for undergraduate studies as well as advanced certifications in supply chain management, procurement and / or logistics.

Provide networking opportunities for supply chain, procurement, and logistics professionals.

KENCO Technical Assistance & Training Solutions

Educate.  Encourage.  Empower.

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